Dining Services

The dining experience is an integral part of daily life. The Dining Service Department provides a wide variety of nutritious meals, snacks and nourishments according to the diet approved by your physician. Upon admission, a dietitian will evaluate your nutritional needs while also considering your personal preferences. Menus are posted on bulletin boards for each resident unit. Alternatives are available for each meal and residents are encouraged to request these alternative selections as they wish. Throughout the year the Dining Service Department offers special themed meals, holiday menus, cocktail hours, picnics and monthly parties for residents celebrating their birthdays. Residents’ opinion and suggestions are incorporated whenever possible into our dining program. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure your dietary needs are being satisfied and that food is being served at proper temperatures. You are welcome to invite a guest to dine with you. We offer meals to guests upon request.

Dental Services

Dental services include most general dentistry such as oral examinations, cleanings, most fillings, dentures, denture repairs and relines. You or your family can request other dental services. Our dental provider may provide these services.

Hair Care Services

Highly skilled beautician and barber services are available on site.